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Blue Security Shifted Attack, Brought Down Blogs

The denial-of-service attack that crashed TypePad and LiveJournal this week was caused by anti-spam company Blue Security, which pinned the target on the blog in an attempt to save its own servers, analysts said Thursday. Blue Security denied that it knew the attack would crash its blog host.

Blue Security's Web site has been overwhelmed by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack for at least the last four days, said Todd Underwood, the chief of operations and security at Manchester, N.H.-based Renesys, an Internet monitoring and routing analysis firm.

"Blue Security changed its DNS record, and pointed at its blog site hosted by Six Apart's TypePad," said Underwood, "without telling anyone at Six Apart to expect millions of packets per second. That's unacceptable and unethical."

When Blue Security redirected traffic to its TypePad blog, the load overwhelmed Six Apart's servers, bringing down all its blogging services, including TypePad and LiveJournal.

Wednesday, a spokesperson for Six Apart said that the company's servers were not directly targeted, but had been victimized as by an attack against a "security company" whose name she refused to disclose.

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