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Blue Coat Accelerates Lotus Notes

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BCSI), the leader in secure content and application delivery, today announced that, according to performance testing it has conducted in its own lab, Blue Coat ProxySG™ appliances can accelerate the performance of IBM Lotus Notes for employees across a Wide Area Network (WAN) in branch offices by a factor of up to 22 times. In addition, ProxySG appliances can reduce the bandwidth required by the application by up to 95%.

Lotus Notes is often a mission-critical application for enterprises and organizations and provides email, messaging, database, collaboration and file sharing in a distributed environment. Using Lotus Notes over a WAN link with limited bandwidth and high latency impairs the application’s rich collaborative environment and can reduce its effectiveness and employee productivity. Blue Coat ProxySG appliances help overcome these limitations.

Blue Coat ProxySG appliances utilize Blue Coat’s MACH5 technology, applying byte caching, compression, protocol optimizations and bandwidth management to improve and accelerate Lotus Notes across the WAN. Lotus Notes applications, whether in the form of email, Web or database, contain compressible and repetitive elements that respond extremely well to Blue Coat MACH5 technologies. Additionally, Blue Coat ProxySG appliances also can employ bandwidth management/QoS to appropriately prioritize any class of traffic in alignment with the needs of the organization.

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