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Blogs Buzzing With Google PC Report

A news report that Google Inc. has been in negotiations with retailers to sell a Google PC had the blogosphere buzzing Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the search engine giant has been chatting with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and others to sell a computer that would run a Google-developed operating system, not Microsoft Corp.'s Windows.

Larry Page, co-founder and president of products at the Mountain View, Calif., company, could use his scheduled Friday keynote at the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas to either unveil a Google computer or announce a deal with a major retailer to sell what would be a low-priced machine, the newspaper said.

The report unleashed lots of speculation and commentary among bloggers. Here's a sampling:

"The Google PC could turn out to be a key support mechanism for Google’s various online services. It’s highly likely that the PC won’t emphasize a high-powered CPU and tons of storage. Rather, why not rely on Google Web apps for both functionality and storage." Rogerd's Notebook

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