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The Big Lesson From Sony's Rootkit Experience

In what could be viewed as a suicidal business move by Sony, once the litigation engines are up and running, the company may have done us all a huge favor with its rootkit episode in reminding us how dangerous certain kinds of exploits can be to users.

Most of us have not been looking at rootkits, one of the most dangerous of spyware types, but thanks to Sony's recent experience we have been slapped upside the head with a reminder.

What Sony’s BMG division did was put a rootkit in a number of CDs and IT shops are reporting PCs that are being“flatlined” at an increasing rate.

Sony’s "who cares" response is about to be answered with a vengeance now that legal actions have been filed as judges typically don’t take kindly to companies who behave badly and don’t feel any remorse.

In Italy ALCEI is active on this and we have independent attorneys putting together class action cases in other parts of the US as I
write this column.

There is currently one Trojan (with two names) and a broken bot floating around in the wild trying to make use of this rootkit and many more are expected before the month is out.

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