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BIG-IP 1500 Global Traffic Manager

F5 Network's Big-IP Global Traffic Manager, the successor to F5's 3DNS, has been rearchitected on its TMOS platform and offers a DNS management tool, support for IPv6 networks, and an array of new application health monitoring options. GTM isn't about balancing load between servers, though it could be used to do so. Its purpose is to distribute requests across data centers through DNS-based global load balancing. It decides which site to direct traffic to based on a variety of application, client and network conditions with the goal of providing continuous availability and optimal response times.

Claim:The Big-IP Global Traffic Manager 1500 is designed to provide a simple and cost-effective way to distribute end-user application requests according to business policies, and data center and network conditions to ensure the highest possible availability.
Context: F5 currently competes with Cisco, Foundry, Juniper and Nortel in the global load-balancing arena.
Credibility: F5 continues to innovate and widen the gap between itself and its competitors by providing technology that sorts traffic using a wide variety of parameters, but deeper packet inspection comes at a price and more options yield higher complexity of configuration.

F5 Networks Big-IP GTM 1500, starts at $26,990

GTM is available as a standalone appliance as well as a software module on other F5 switch platforms, including the Big-IP 1500, 3400, 6400 and 6800 and the 8400. But it's no small-fry, sporting four 10/100/ 1000-Mbps ports and two SFP GBICs.

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