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In The Beginning, There Were Just Viruses

First there were viruses. Then the viruses begat Trojans. This begat worms, which in turn started spyware, and now, we have bots.

Well, ya got trouble, my friend. Right here, I say, trouble right here in River City. Yes, bots, here in River City, we have bots, bots that compromise, bots that penetrate, yes we have bots here in River City. (Thank you, Meredith Willson, for the Music Man).

I really hate this stuff. I'm tired of cleaning up after people who have noting better to do but to either develop buggy software, or create software which compromises and penetrates the bugs.

Sure, I make money doing it, but there are things I'd rather do then say to a client, "Hey, it's a virus". There is even a nasty, ugly rumor going about that the big anti-virus software companies actually make these viruses and worms and bots ("Oh my") just to drum up business.

Now, I just won't believe that type of trash talk and I wish my alter ego would stop spreading those ugly demeaning rumors.

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