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BEA Cleans Up App Integration

The first enhancement I noticed is that BEA has simplified WebLogic's previously overcrowded management console. Categories are more specific, and infrequently used items have been moved to the development tool or eliminated. BEA has also created JDBC connection wizards. I had some problems with the interface, however, and had to install open-source driver MySQL before the wizards could generate connections. This is necessary for all JDBC connections, even ones that use JDBC drivers provided by BEA. Installing the JDBC was a pain, but it was much easier overall than the old way of configuring each JDBC parameter by hand.

• Easy JDBC configuration
• Enhanced Web services support

• Built in WS-Security support
• "Global" app-level resources


• JDBC drivers--even those shipped with the product--must be installed
• You pay for the corporatewide platform, whether you need it or not

BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1, $62,000 per CPU. BEA Systems, (800) 817-4BEA, (408) 570-8000.

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