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Bandwidth optimization; Web-access management; Web-document distribution;Traffic-analysis

Stampede Technologies has improved its TurboGold acceleration software for the enterprise. Armed with security-enhancing SSL support, the product offers new cache-differencing technology and JPEG acceleration to optimize bandwidth, especially for Web applications. TurboGold 2 also provides improved data storage for Web, portal and messaging/collaboration apps via Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 support and the new Lotus Domino Web Access and Team Workplace component that automates transparent compression of attachments. Single client licenses start at $63; single server licenses start at $1,913. Stampede Technologies, (800) 763-3423, (937) 291-5046.

Single sign-on for Web services is the goal of this Web-access management product. Utilizing SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), SiteMinder makes it easy for users to switch between partner sites, as there is no need to reauthenticate each time. An Affiliate Agent is available for use with partners who are not SAML-enabled. Other enhancements include failover capabilities, troubleshooting features and improved authorization performance. Netegrity has also added support for Active Directory 2003, Microsoft IIS Web Server 6.0 and Windows 2003. Starts at about $20 per user. Netegrity, (800) 325-9870.

Data Expedition promises to improve the speed and reliability of Web-document distribution with HyperGate, which installs on your network without modifying your systems. The company's proprietary MTP (Multipurpose Transaction Protocol) works with the existing HTTP/TCP infrastructure to perform critical downloads or uploads. Starts at $10,000 for a 10-site license. Data Expedition, (877) 292-2280, (405) 292-2280.

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