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Axstor Claims Low Power iSCSI

IRVINE, Calif. -- aXstor, a UK based Storage Distributor of integrated storage solutions, claims the Ai Pro offers the lowest power consumption of any iSCSI appliance. The total power consumption (excluding drives) is only 65W (typical), offering a significant power saving of typically 80% over alternative iSCSI offerings.

Reducing power consumption presents a major challenge for IT professionals, as it increases thermal management problems and represents a large part of the total costs of running data centres. Typical iSCSI appliances consume over 300w of power excluding disk drives: in a small installation with three iSCSI appliances, the low-power aXstor solution will save over US$15,000 (7,500) in energy costs over a 5 year period. Less heat is also generated by the aXstor appliances, minimizing thermal problems, and potentially further reducing costs because less air conditioning is required to cool the room.

The energy savings also offer an environmental benefit, with the typical 3-appliance aXstor installation reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than seven Tonnes over the same 5-year period. This reduction in polluting emissions is the equivalent of one person flying to from Heathrow to Edinburgh more than 88 times!

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