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Avinti Selected For Symantec?s New Messaging Security Technology Partner Program

Avinti today announced that Symantec has selected the company for membership in a new compatible technology track for message security within Symantec’s technology partner program. Avinti’s e-mail attack protection layer, which is designed to detect virus attacks by analyzing the behavior of links and attachments, will lower the risk for Symantec Mail Security appliance customers against emerging, first instance and targeted e-mail attacks.

Attaching Avinti's iSolation Server antivirus detection system to a network protected by Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances improves overall network security and compliance, and increases return on security investments. The Avinti iSolation Server has completed full compatibility testing in order to qualify for inclusion in the program.

"As targeted e-mail attacks increase in frequency, and first-instance e-mail threats continue to put data assets at risk, organizations need to consider a layered e-mail protection scheme that identifies both known, and first-instance viruses," said Avinti CEO Terry Dickson, "which is why Avinti sees tremendous customer value in participating in the Symantec partner ecosystem."

The Avinti iSolation Server complements Symantec's security appliances because it tests e-mail messages and attachments in a virtual machine environment at the network edge. By actually running the program, the iSolation Server identifies attacks without using heuristics or signature patterns and then blocks undetected variants and new mutations of prolific viruses. Its track record include 100 percent effectiveness for recent and previously unknown variants of the MyDoom, Mimail, Bagle and Netsky viruses.

The new messaging track within the Symantec Technology Partner Program enables Symantec to align with partners that have leading-edge solutions in order to offer a broad range of message security solutions that meet the needs of customers. The Symantec Technology Partner Program is designed to establish standards for how diverse security and infrastructure products from multiple vendors can work together with Symantec security systems to simplify complex enterprise networks for joint customers. Other partners include Authentica, Ventu, PGP, Voltage, and Vixcorp.