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Aventail's EX-1500SSL VPN Appliances

Cache Change

Web browsers cache data on the local hard drive--making subsequent page loads faster. However, cached data may stick around after the user has logged off. Aventail's cache control removes cached data, cookies, history, and both temporary and stored passwords. In addition, the cache control can close a browser window after a period of inactivity.

I enabled the cache control for ASAP and configured an inactivity time-out. When I connected to the ASAP Workplace using both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, the Java applet was downloaded and executed before I was directed to the login page. After browsing the Web and closing the browser, the cache was deleted.

Unfortunately, I was able to shut down the cache cleaner easily by opening the Windows Task Manager and halting the cclient.exe process. I kept browsing, but the cache was not cleaned afterward. Aventail says it will fix this in an upcoming release.

Aventail's EX-1500SSL VPN Appliances

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