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AutoVirt Shows Data Migration App

NASHUA, N.H. -- AutoVirt, Inc., a leading provider of Windows data migration solutions, today announced the general availability of AutoMove™ software version 1.0. By leveraging advanced file storage virtualization technology, AutoMove, the industry’s first continuous data migration (CDM) solution, allows IT management to fully automate the data migration function across its entire Windows environment. By automating this process, IT management benefits from consistently optimized storage resources and the resulting dramatic decrease in capital and operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx).

“It amazes me that even in this day and age, file data is often kept statically in a file server even if migrating that data to another file server would be beneficial from a performance, cost and management perspective. The simple reason for this is that file migration is still a painful, disruptive and often a manual process,” said Arun Taneja, founder and senior analyst, Taneja Group. “AutoVirt makes the challenges being faced around transparent Windows file migration a thing of the past. Especially in these trying times, customers will find using AutoMove defers expenses and improves performance, a combination that is hard to argue with.”