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Authentication Startup Targets Windows, Citrix Environments

Security startup BioPassword on Tuesday unveiled an enterprise-focused, two-factor authentication solution that works with Windows Active Directory and Citrix environments.

BioPassword Enterprise Edition features a neural networking engine that analyzes a person's unique typing pattern and uses the information in the authentication process to bolster security, said Greg Wood, CTO at BioPassword, Issaquah, Wash.

Previous versions of BioPassword relied on the less accurate method of statistical modeling, according to Wood.

In the new version, technology called adaptive learning enables the neural networking engine to build a unique biometric template that fine-tunes its accuracy over time, Wood said. "The neural networking engine gives us the flexibility of adaptive learning as well as better accuracy and fewer false rejects," he said.

BioPassword added Active Directory support in BioPassword Enterprise by bringing on a couple of developers who worked on authentication in Windows 2003, said Wood, a former chief security officer at Microsoft.

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