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Aussie Top Cop Predicts Robot Crime Spree

Forget phishing, malware, e-scams and other techno-mischief. The real threat looming over us is the cyborgs. At least Australia's top cop thinks so.

Aussie News outlet "The Age" reports that Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty predicts a time when organized crime will perpetrate cyber-crimes by using cloned half-human/half-robot monstrosities to combat cops and shake down citizens.

Citing the evolution of criminal mischief to include virtual reality worlds such as "Second Life," Keelty doesn't think it's a stretch to expect that one day walking, talking computers could pose a serious threat, and he worries that today's law enforcement officials don't have the skills to face down such challenges. More importantly, he fears that there aren't enough financial resources available to begin training for these and other techno-threats.

I don't know what the big problem is. There's gotta be Blockbuster or Netflix in Australia right? Someone should tell Commissioner Keelty to rent "The Terminator," "I Robot" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" for his teams. The answers are all right there.

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