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Attune Intros Open Interface

ESANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Attune Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class file virtualization solutions, today announced the Maestro Open Interface Format, which offers software developers and partners the opportunity to benefit from Attune’s leading-edge file virtualization capabilities. By providing a simple text list of the file names to be migrated, developers and partners can now take advantage of the tiering and migrating features of the Attune Maestro File Manager™, which moves the data non-disruptively without any agents and without any tag files.

“This new Attune announcement empowers third-party applications to non-disruptively tier and migrate user data, resulting in reduced backup windows, storage costs, and increased availability. It is all about having the right file in the right location at the right time,” said Alan Kessler, Attune’s president and CEO. “It is simple to integrate, even with in-house developed custom applications, and does not require writing to an API. All the developer has to do is to provide the list of files to be moved, and, once we know the location of the target files within the global name space, Maestro automatically and non-disruptively migrates files during live file system operation.”

Today, customers use various file interrogation and analysis products to search for critical data such as social security numbers deep within the content of files. Based on information gleaned from these applications, users can now leverage the power of Maestro to move, delete, or non-disruptively migrate files targeted by their third-party applications and scripts. Also, customers want to migrate data transparently without the use of tag files, which can be problematic and increase file management complexity. The Maestro File Manager uses a metadata-based approach without any tag files and agents.

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