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Atrato Announces High-Density System

DENVER -- Atrato, Inc. (, a leading provider of high-volume on-demand storage for the high performance computing (HPC), digital entertainment and web sectors, today announced the companys first product, the Atrato Velocity1000 (V1000) storage system. The V1000 delivers advancements in storage to assist data centers and IT departments who are struggling to keep up with spiraling data growth and ever more performance demanding applications. Atrato’s system conquers I/O bottlenecks between storage and servers, opening the door to new applications and revenue opportunities via a platform that delivers optimal performance in a cost-effective space and power efficient package.

One of the most pressing issues challenging IT environments is not the amount of available storage, but rather the speed at which the stored data can be accessed. Atrato’s V1000 is a high-density storage system that combines hundreds of identical disks and integrates advanced data acceleration features to deliver more than 11,000 IOPS in random read/writes and 50 Terabytes of storage in a 3U space.

"For today's demanding applications, typical storage systems often fall short," said Russ Fellows, Senior Analyst with Evaluator Group. "IT managers often have to choose between reliability, performance, power consumption and cost. With Atrato's new Velocity1000, they get performance that outpaces much larger systems, all in a self healing, dense form factor that costs far less to own and operate. This truly is storage for the Web 2.0 world."

Atrato Inc.