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Application Service Providers



Other factors to consider include the service provider's data center location, privacy and security, training, and support.

Everyone pays lip service to hosted support options. But with any on-demand offering, you need at least the basics. You'll want to dig a bit deeper, however, and determine whether that support fits your operational needs. If the ASP offers support from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and your organization is 24/7, you'll be left in the cold if something goes wrong at 2 a.m.

ASP Checklist

It's crucial to ask application service providers (ASPs) the following:

  1. Who owns my data?
  2. How can I move my data?
  3. How do I recover my data?
  4. Who can see my data?

Also explore support for mobile workers. If John Q. Sales is on the road and runs into a problem, will he be stuck with proxy-based support, or can he direct-connect with the service provider's support staff?

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