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Apple's Top 10 iPhone Gaffes

Having woken up from my spout of iPhone induced gizmo-lust, I've uncovered 10 ways Sir Jobs and co. have flubbed the iPhone introduction. And so without further adieu here they are...
1. The camera is out-of-date, already. If I'm going to spend $499 on this thing why would I want a 2.5 megapixel camera on a product that's going to ship in six months when four Megapixel camera phones are already out?

2. The iPhone is crying out for built-in video calling, but it's not possible, at least in the first model. The camera is on the wrong side.

3. The visual voicemail that Steve Jobs was so sure would revolutionize telephony is nothing more than unified messaging that's we've had for years.

4. Sure browsing on the Internet looks cool in demos but get ready to pay and wait. The Cingular Wireless Edge data network used by the iPhone often drops to dial-up speed.

5. That onscreen keyboard looks awfully difficult to use. Watching Jobs punch in those letters looks downright painful. Don't expect to be typing long-emails on that baby.

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