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Aperio Adds Data Archive Interface

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Viewpoint Data Management, LLC, a leading supplier of data management and exploration products and services for manufacturing, product development and test, announced the availability of an Aperio(TM) 2.0 interface to Caringo's CAStor(TM) content storage systems.

This capability brings a new tool for meeting regulatory and corporate guidelines for long-term data archive. Many manufacturers, particularly in the biomedical and aerospace marketplaces, are required to keep the vast amounts of technical and test data generated during the product development and manufacturing processes for 5, 10 or 50 years and possibly decades longer. Companies are looking for cost-effective ways to meet these requirements and still give their engineers and analysts access to product performance data that will help drive new products and reduce costs.

"CAStor support through Aperio will be particularly attractive to many of our manufacturing companies as they begin to develop more formal data retention mechanisms with a desire to keep the data available," says Andrew Morehouse, Vice President of Engineering at Viewpoint. "CAStor allows companies to easily build a cost-effective and scalable data archive solution. They can start small, grow their CAStor system as needed and be assured that Aperio and CAStor will allow them to locate and use their test data for years to come."