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Apace Launches FxStor Appliance

ORANGE, Calif. -- Apace Systems Corporation, a leading managed storage solutions provider for video, graphics and other media content, announced immediate availability of its fxStor network storage appliance offering real-time collaborative storage for graphics, animation and special effects workflows.

fxStor is an intelligent storage that offers two key needed services for graphics editing. One is the ability to access a large pool of small and large files randomly with low latency and second is the need to collaborate on projects and be able to offer file locking and project sharing.

System architecture allows for a tiered storage platform with Solid State RAM paired with fast 15krpm SAS and SATA II hard disk to offer a balanced 3-tiered system for low latency, fast access with intelligent data management software between fast and large capacity storage pieces of the appliance. In addition fxStor offers the benefit of interoperating with most popular applications software such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effect, Smoke, Maya, Flash, motion jpeg and other popular software for large scale collaborative graphic editing and animation projects.

To balance the system access with high connectivity throughput, in addition to its multi-GE connectivity, fxStor can also accommodate multi-10GE NIC cards from 10GE vendors like Chelsio. As a result, the platform can support multi-port 10GE CX-4 copper and XFP Fibre connectivity and be used in end-to-end 10GE workgroups or connect to 10GE core switches (e.g. Fujitsu) and reside directly on the network backbone.

Apace Systems Corp.