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AMD Keeps Up Pressure On Intel With Japanese Lawsuits

LONDON — Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is keeping up the legal pressure on rival Intel Corp., filing two lawsuits for damages in Japan alleging violations of Japan's Antimonopoly Act.

In March, Intel was criticized by the Japanese authorities and ordered to amend it business practices. AMD filed suit in Deleware on June 27 alleging monopolistic coercion.

In the first of two lawsuits filed in Tokyo High Court, AMD is seeking a total of $55 million in damages from Intel for violating Japan's Antimonopoly Act. The move follows the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC)'s findings in March that Intel's Japanese subsidiary violated Japanese antitrust laws.

JFTC's "recommendation" concluded that Intel K.K. interfered with AMD Japan's business activities by providing funds to five leading Japanese PC manufacturers — NEC, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony and Hitachi — on the condition that they refuse to purchase AMD processors.

An additional suit filed at the Tokyo District Court seeks damages for various alleged anticompetitive acts by Intel not covered by the JFTC recommendation.

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