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AMD Challenges Intel's Paxville With New Opterons

On the eve of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), which begins Tuesday in San Francisco, the dual-core duel between Intel and AMD shows no sign of cooling off.

In what looks like a stab at IDF counter-programming, AMD on Monday put out the word that it's planning a Fall release for two new multiprocessing-capable versions of its dual-core Opteron processor. The processors will compete with an upcoming Intel part, called Paxville.

"Before they're able to even get Paxville out, we're going to get the next highest performing Opteron dual core parts out in the third quarter," said Patrick Patla, AMD's director of server and workstation marketing. "Those are going to be Opteron models 280 and 880."

Both processors will run at 2.4 GHz. Two Opteron 280s can be used together to create a four-way multiprocessing system. The Opteron 880 can be used in either a four- or eight-socket configuration, enabling eight- or 16-way multiprocessing, respectively.

Intel last week moved up the availability date of Paxville from 2006 to something later this year. Paxville is a version of Intel's Xeon server processor family, fitted with dual cores and, like the new Opteron, capable of powering multiprocessing systems.

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