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All-in-One Network Security Appliances

Evaluation Particulars

• What Do We Consider Appropriate for This Review?

We will consider network security appliances offering at least four of the following features: Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Detection (IDS), Anti-Virus (AV) and Content Filtering (CF).

We will test these devices in both a real-world setting and in our network performance laboratory. Initially, we will set up the device on a live line between a small network and our campus backbone. Behind the device will be a number of clients and a single server. The server will provide Web, e-mail, DNS and file services. The clients will require Internet access across your device, including Web, SSH, telnet and H.323.

In addition to the real-world test, we also will test your device in our laboratory. We will utilize Ixia's IxWeb, IxVPN and IxAttack software to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of your implementation. Our traffic mix will include HTTP, SMTP, FTP, ICMP and DNS.

To participate in this review your device must meet the following requirements:

  • The network security appliance must support four of the following five features: IPSec-VPN, Firewall, AV, CF and IDS.
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