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All Hail the Cookie Monster

7:45 PM -- The expenses I filed earlier this week are the talk of Byte and Switch towers. Why? Because my guilty secret is out.

Judging by the reaction around here, you would think that I had just sunk a six-figure sum at Scores. But the reality, sadly, is not quite as racy... OK, I will come clean. I am in love with cookies and all other forms of sugary crap. My expenses read like a paean to trans-fats.

The killer, though, was a $5.80 bill for cookies from a Krogers store in rural Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I haven't got a problem - honest.

Thing is, I have been traveling a lot lately and I can find no better way to fill those empty hours than multiple packets of Famous Amos. Or, better still, one of those weird cakes with lemon icing they sell in Starbucks. Mmmmmm -- they look so bad, but they taste so good!

So what if I have the eating habits of an eight year old? So what if all my teeth fall out? I don't care. Aren't all us Brits supposed to resemble jack-o'-lanterns anyway?

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