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ADIC Whips Out Big Disk

Tape library vendor Advanced Digital Information Corp. (Nasdaq: ADIC) is getting ready to roll out disk options for its Scalar tape libraries -- claiming that it's the first company to fully integrate disk and tape into one system (see ADIC Does Disk-Based Backup).

Byte and Switch first reported on ADIC's plans to introduce a disk backup option in June (see ADIC Sticks In Some Disk).

ADIC is the latest tape vendor to jump aboard the disk-based backup bus. Already, companies including Overland Storage Inc. (Nasdaq: OVRL), Storage Technology Corp. (StorageTek) (NYSE: STK), and Quantum Corp. (NYSE: DSS) have introduced products that augment their tape systems (see StorageTek: The Next Disk Titan?, Quantum Digs Into Disk Backup, and our report, Disk Backup 101).

But ADIC claims that it is alone in its ability to handle disk as part of the tape backup process. The company's Pathlight VX option, which provides up to 40 Tbytes of ATA disk storage, works with existing backup and restore setups, appearing to applications as one or more logical libraries. The Pathlight VX also automatically handles the movement of data between disk and tape based on user-defined policies.

According to ADIC, these features eliminate the more complicated "dual-target" requirements of other disk-based backup approaches. "Backup is a mature process... We're not changing that," says Bryce Hein, ADIC's executive director of storage networking products.

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