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Addonics Adds Port Multiplier

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Addonics Technologies ( today announced the 4X1 eSATA/USB Hardware Port Multiplier (HPM), which has an integrated RAID controller for superior read/write performance.

The 4X1 HPM can connect up to four SATA / SATA II hard drives to a host via a single SATA port or USB port. These connected drives can be easily set to different RAID configurations by dialing an onboard rotary switch. There is no driver or software installation required, thus making the addition of RAID storage to any system simple no matter what the operating system.

The RAID volume, once created, appears to any OS as another hard drive. It can be used as a boot drive in application servers or mission critical equipment. The 4X1 HPM is ideal in high capacity storage applications such as video storage, data archiving, home entertainment or multi-tera bytes storage farm.

The 4X1 eSATA/USB HPM comes in choice of the system version or the enclosure version. The system version enables multiple hard drives inside a system to be connected together to form a RAID volume.

The enclosure version fits perfectly into the Addonics family of Storage Tower, Storage Rack and many standard multi-bay enclosures with standard SCSI-1 connector cut out. The four hard drives inside the drive enclosure, connecting to this HPM, can form a high performance and reliable external RAID system that can be attached to any computer via high speed eSATA or USB 2.0 ports

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