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Accuvant Introduces Information Security Risk Assessment Service

DENVER. Accuvant, the only research-driven information security partner delivering alignment, clarity and confidence to enterprise clients, announced today the availability of its new Information Security Risk Assessment service. With this new service, enterprise clients and government agencies can make security investment and improvement decisions based on accurate risk measurement. An Information Security Risk Assessment determines information asset values, identifies relevant threats, and evaluates existing vulnerabilities to determine the overall effectiveness of controls and the best plans for risk mitigation.

"We understand how mind boggling the amount of sensitive data under management, proliferating compliance requirements and evolving user access needs can be for chief information security officers and their staff, which is why a risk assessment is a critical to putting proper security measures in place," said Doug Landoll, Accuvant's director of risk and compliance management. "Unless organizations understand the true risk to their sensitive data and critical systems, security initiatives and spending are not likely to support the business mission and leave critical gaps in the security program. Our new service was developed to provide our clients with a clear vision of their environment and risk landscape so they can appropriately prioritize projects and initiatives that prevent data loss."

Accuvant's Information Security Risk Assessment can help clients across industry verticals; including finance, government, health care, education, retail, insurance and technology, eliminate the guesswork of mitigating threats while protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

"Managing the risk to information assets is the security team's primary responsibility and drives many security investment and decisions," said Landoll. "Our new risk assessment service provides our clients the information they need to make sound decisions."