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5 Tools To Bulletproof Firefox

Spyware, adware, drive-by downloads, phish blitzes, malware of all stripes, they all have one thing in common: they reach your computer through the wide open door that is your browser.

If the most important step you can take to secure your system is to use a secure browser -- advice held by everyone apparently, including Microsoft, which is working feverishly on IE 7 to close the years'-long security gap it created by not keeping the app up to date -- then the second step is to lock down the browser beyond what it offers out of the box, and/or learn how to use the security tools it does provide.

Firefox, which recently regained some of its market share momentum, fits the bill as a secure browser (more secure, anyway, than IE 6.x, its prime competitor).

We've wrapped up the second step for you by sniffing out five tools -- four extras and one integrated -- that we see as the most important security add-ons.

Now when malware and spyware and adware walk through the door, you can tell them

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