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3Up Systems' Upsite Blade System Management Suite

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Upsite gave me a bird's-eye view of my blade server chassis and its configuration in real-time and made it easy to manage my blades and storage intuitively. Although not all storage functions can be performed from the Upsite software, all jobs relating to remote blade-booting and blade-server image management can. Because I could go to the storage server's interface for storage-related management, I didn't find Upsite limited in functionality.


After deploying Upsite, I went to the user interface to peruse the items I could manage, including hardware, switching, storage, images and users. This level of the interface is intuitive--simply open the folders and view the details in the main part of the screen (see screenshot, page 30).

The hardware folder lists each 3Up blade server chassis by IP address. Selecting a blade server shows you the overall status of the chassis and the blades installed on it. You can drill down into individual blade as well. I saw error messages, managed boot images for individual blades, and could have turned the blade on and off all from the blade-information view. From the overall chassis view, I could shut down the OS or kill the power and change the start-up options for each blade.

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