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3PAR Survey Cites European IT Waste

LONDON -- 3PAR (NYSE: PAR), the leading global provider of utility storage, today unveiled the findings of a survey carried out by Vanson Bourne in the UK, France and Germany in April. The survey found that across these countries, 81% of respondents agree with the statement: 'as an organisation, we intentionally allocate extra storage capacity to applications to prevent future problems linked to performance or space shortage, even if we realise that it generates other difficulties such as under-utilised storage capacity and increased need for floor space and energy.' The figure varies little among the three regions: 81% of UK executives answered yes to this question, with the figure rising slightly to 82% in France and 84% in Germany.

Aimed at uncovering the extent to which organisations potentially waste storage capacity and the related human, environmental and financial resources, the research polled 100 IT decision makers in each of the three countries. The industries surveyed included financial services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, transport and utilities. Among the various industries polled, manufacturing fared worst in each country, with an average of 88% of respondents admitting to allocating extra capacity. The financial services segment followed with 84%.

"We believe these figures demonstrate some of the challenges posed with traditional storage systems. At a time when businesses are striving to improve resource utilisation and reduce their impact on the environment, storage vendors should provide real solutions," said David Scott, President and CEO of 3PAR. "This has created an opportunity for 3PAR, as our Thin Provisioning and thin copy software removes the need to over-allocate physical storage capacity and eliminates the waste, as opposed to the legacy storage products widely used today. 3PAR customers have enjoyed industry-leading utilisation rates for their storage infrastructure without compromising on performance or scalability."

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