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3PAR Intros Nearline for Online

FREMONT, Calif. -- 3PAR R (NYSE Arca:
PAR), the leading global provider of utility storage , announced today the introduction of "Nearline for Online," an innovative approach to cost-optimized storage.

3PAR Nearline for Online is designed to enable customers to deploy traditional Nearline drives--high-capacity, low-cost enterprise-class SATA--for all their applications, including demanding online applications that typically require premium Fibre Channel capacity. With Nearline for Online, 3PAR Utility Storage customers have the ability to meet service level requirements of both online and nearline applications with a single, consolidated, massively scalable system using only Nearline disk drive technology.

"3PAR provides us with a simple and efficient tiered-storage platform upon which we can grow our business," said Tony Tarone, Director of Service Operations for Cedar Document Technologies. "The use of nearline capacity within the 3PAR InServR Storage Server gives us maximum flexibility in fine tuning our storage needs for cost optimization without sacrificing performance. The decision to go all Nearline was not practical with competitive solutions and has resulted in significant cost savings for Cedar."

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