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3Par Announces Benchmark Results

FREMONT, Calif. -- 3PAR, the leading provider of utility storage, announced today new Microsoft® Exchange benchmark results, now available through the Microsoft Exchange® Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP). 3PAR’s Exchange benchmark results demonstrate a number of significant customer benefits when deploying 3PAR Utility Storage in Microsoft Exchange environments. These benefits include:

Unmatched performance within a clustered, modular array
Predictable and linear performance scalability of 100 Exchange users per disk drive
Extraordinary simplicity of storage provisioning and scaling
The ability to leverage cost- and power-efficient 147GB 10K RPM drives

“Strategic messaging infrastructures like Microsoft Exchange must deliver high performance and scale on-demand for any high-growth business,” said Tom Trainer, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group. “3PAR’s ease of management combined with its demonstrated performance and linear scalability in an Exchange environment is compelling.”

3PAR’s benchmark results demonstrate that users can scale Microsoft Exchange databases simply and confidently within a single, massively scalable storage platform, thereby avoiding the costs and complexities associated with multiple systems. The highly virtualized, massively parallel 3PAR InSpire® Architecture, which automatically spreads data evenly across all drives and system resources, assures high and predictable levels of performance. Unlike traditional storage arrays, 3PAR InServ® Storage Server performance continues to scale to higher levels as additional hardware resources are added to the array. Upon adding additional controller nodes or capacity, users simply rebalance existing I/O workloads with a single command–online and non-disruptively–to distribute data evenly over all system resources.

The experiences of 3PAR Utility Storage customers such as Claria support these Exchange benchmark results. Claria helps business partners engage with their consumers by providing a personalization platform that powers Web sites, software applications, and hardware devices.

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