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3PAR Adds Oracle 11g Support

FREMONT, Calif. -- 3PAR (NYSE Arca: PAR), the leading global provider of utility storage, announced today a new version of 3PAR System Reporter, a Web-based historical performance and capacity management reporting tool for 3PAR InServ® Storage Servers. This new version of 3PAR System Reporter adds support for Oracle® Database 11g, which is ideally suited for System Reporter deployments with large databases and numerous concurrent users. With the addition of support for Oracle Database 11g, enterprise and service provider customers who rely on System Reporter now have greater configuration choice and flexibility.

3PAR System Reporter is designed to simplify the planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of customers' 3PAR InServ Storage Servers. With a simple-to-use, Web-based interface, System Reporter provides a complete view of historical performance and capacity utilization for all of a customer's 3PAR arrays. System Reporter enables users to create and display reports by server and by application data set (virtual LUN) and to highlight key performance metrics such as I/O per second, megabytes per second, and I/O service times (latency per I/O). With System Reporter, users have the ability to instantly determine capacity utilization and configuration metrics to easily manage the inventory, growth, and procurement of data storage capacity. System Reporter also enables customers to easily export and understand reports according to the metrics they require, by storage tier or by 3PAR Virtual Domain (a virtual array within a physical InServ Storage Server).

Since its introduction in 2006, the number of 3PAR customers using System Reporter has increased significantly. A growing number of these customers have numerous concurrent users and large amounts of data. 3PAR System Reporter with support for Oracle Database 11g is designed to meet the needs of these customers while also providing greater configuration choice and flexibility in deciding which types of databases to deploy.

"Storage management involves many kinds of detailed metrics, and the problems that arise are often chronic and hard to diagnose, particularly in virtualized, multi-tenant environments," said Anne MacFarland, Director of I. T. Architectures and Strategies at The Clipper Group, Inc. "In offering support for Oracle as a metrics repository, System Reporter can support analyses of greater, more granular data, which can speed decision making. When used in conjunction with 3PAR's Virtual Domains virtual machine software, 3PAR's solution targets both efficiency and effectiveness."

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