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2004 Top Ten: Memorable Quotes

Sometimes people talk to Byte and Switch, and what they're saying makes perfect sense. We often quote these folks and (figuratively) bow to their wisdom.

Other times, however, people talk to us and we double over laughing.

As 2004 closes, we've decided to recall a few of the wackiest things weve heard (written down, and printed) in the world of storage this year. Not all the quotes that stand out in this list are laughable. Some are statements that make perfectly good sense from unexpected people. We’ll let you decide which is which. Here are the quotes:

No. 10: "We could not be in a stronger position on the NAS front than we are now. The other guys have missed so many times – there’s only so many times you come back to the same movie expecting a different ending." – Network Appliance Inc. (Nasdaq: NTAP) President Tom Mendoza.

And, by the way, why do they keep showing It’s a Wonderful Life every year at this time? We've seen it a hundred times, and we're still not convinced.

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