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10 Security Myths That Need To Be Put To Rest

One of the nice things about security is that there’s a lot of information out there. In fact, just about everyone has a favorite theory, a pet practice, or even a set of guidelines that will tell you what to do to be safe.

Problem is, not all of those practices will really improve security in your enterprise, and some may even make things worse.

Still, the beliefs about security perpetuate themselves through companies and agencies. They’re viewed as gospel, and in many cases repeated from one expert to another. Most of the time those beliefs – good and bad – are never really put to the test. We just believe them because we’ve heard it all so often. In the process, these security beliefs have become myths.

So when Judy asked me to write about the top 10 security myths, the first thing I had to do is ask around to see what people believed.

There were some doozies out there, but the myths I’m listing here seem to be fairly common. No doubt you’ll have some of your own. You’re welcome to send them to me, email: [email protected], and maybe we can have another list in a future column.

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