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10 Elements Of A Good Security Plan

Experts agree the first step in providing strong security around access to corporate information is to develop a security plan. And while that sounds easy enough it requires some time and effort and an understanding that the plan has to be flexible and consistently followed.

“A good security plan is a dynamic,” says Christopher Faulkner, CEO of CI Host, Dallas, Tex., a provider of managed Web hosting, dedicated hosting and colocation solutions. “You can’t build it one day and forget about it,” he advises.

That’s because security is a daily issue and IT leaders need to make sure that users are adhering to the plan and policies put in place.

“People do what you inspect, not what you expect. You have to remember that your biggest security threat, is from employees – people inside the company (including remote workers) already using the systems of the enterprise,” says Faulkner.

The focus of a good plan is making sure good solid policies are created, advises another expert.

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