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Ballmer Trashes Android | 1 in 4 IT Pros Abuses Passwords

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistAre Your IT Pros Abusing Admin Passwords?
By Mathew J. Schwartz
One in four IT professionals know of a coworker who has used privileged credentials to snoop. Worse, 25% of superuser passwords don't pass basic security test.

Passwords: Tips For Better Security
Sony Breach Reveals Users Lax With Password Security

Microsoft's Ballmer Trashes Android, Touts Skype
At the Web 2.0 Summit Tuesday, Steve Ballmer took aim at Google, calling Android an OS for computer scientists. But that's not all he had to say.

10 Key Internet Trends From Mary Meeker
Mary Meeker tells Web 2.0 attendees: It's a global, mobile, e-commerce-enabled world. See what other key trends she's watching.

Walls Falling Between Online, Offline Commerce
At Web 2.0 Summit, eBay, Visa and American Express execs share similar visions of what's next in mobile commerce.

Adobe Previews Stunning Deblurring Tool For Photoshop
The next version of the industry-standard photo editing package might attain the holy grail of photo processing: Instantly turning bad pictures into good ones.

Symantec Improves NAS Appliance
FileStore N8300 lets users deduplicate and store volumes of primary unstructured data for archiving, cloud, or VMware environments.

3LM Enables Android Device Management for the Enterprise
Droid devices are behind iOS in many areas important to enterprises, including Mobile Device Management. 3LM aims to fill that void.

How Warner Music Turns Social Media Fans Into Customers
Execs from Warner's Atlantic Records describe at Web 2.0 Summit the strategy and metrics they use to convert music fans into music buyers.

RIM Whiffs On Setting Smartphone Direction
Research In Motion opened its developers conference with a lot of talk about the PlayBook tablet--and hardly a word on its smartphone future.

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How Warner Music Turns Social Media Fans Into Customers
RIM Whiffs On Setting Smartphone Direction
Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Virtualization Sanity Check: Stop IT Sprawl
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: 5 Most-Wanted Features
Broken State of Backup
Virtual Event: Gathering And Analyzing Security Intelligence In The Enterprise

Don't Miss Gov Cloud 2011
We're on hand this week for the 2011 Web 2.0 summit. Watch the live stream of all of the Web 2.0 Summit sessions, and follow our reports on everything that's noteworthy from the event floor.

Posted By Johnnythegeek:
"Steve Balmer talks like a car salesman and he really does not instill a lot of confidence about Microsoft or its products. Rather then just saying "We're in it Baby," maybe some figures to prove that statement would be better."
In reply to: Microsoft's Ballmer Trashes Android, Touts Skype
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Virtualization Sanity Check: Stop IT Sprawl
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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: 5 Most-Wanted Features
Google and Samsung are primed to reveal the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS Tuesday evening. Here's what I really want.

12 Top Big Data Analytics Players
When data grows into the tens or even hundreds of terabytes, you need a special technology to quickly make sense of it all. From Hadoop to Teradata, check out the top platform options.

iOS 5 For iPad: 5 Killer Features
Apple's iOS 5 is still a great upgrade for iPad tablet users. Here are our five favorite features.

iPhone 4S: 7 Confessions Of A BlackBerry Addict
InformationWeek's Fritz Nelson takes you inside his first weekend with the iPhone 4S and Siri--including some hits and misses compared to his beloved BlackBerry.

10 Great Android Apps For Collaboration
The best mobile apps are not just for iPhone and iPad anymore. These collaboration-minded apps help turn your Android smartphone or tablet into an essential business tool.



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12 Top Big Data Analytics Players
8 IT Hiring Strategies Of Top CIOs


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