Sourcefire Improves IPv6 Support, Adds Appliances To Security Platform

Updated Sourcefire FirePOWER simplifies NAT policy management; Infoblox ups protection against DNS threats; Fortinet fortifies its OS; Polycom unveils RealPresence for desktop and mobile; BT offers BYOD advice.

June 14, 2013

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Sourcefire has added several new features to its FirePOWER network-based security platform, which includes its 7000 and 8000 series appliances as well its next-generation IPS and firewall products. The additions include better support for IPv6 in network discovery policies, correlation policies, whitelists, host profiles and event viewers, plus detailed geolocation information as part of its reporting capabilities.

Sourcefire has also simplified network address translation policy management, enabling enterprises to define NAT policies centrally rather than on a device-by-device basis. It also now supports site-to-site IPsec VPN between multiple Sourcefire-protected networks. The VPN can be deployed in a point-to-point, star or mesh topology, and supports the major IPSsec algorithms, ciphers and hashes for encryption and authentication.

On the hardware front, Sourcefire's new appliances feature throughput ranging from 50 Mbps to more than 40 Gbps. The 7115 and 7125 models include modular connectivity options through SFP interface support, while four new network modules in the 8000 series provide increased connectivity and port density.

Sourcefire recently beefed up its Advanced Malware Protection portfolio with Network File Trajectory and Device Trajectory capabilities to give customers more information about attack activity.

Infoblox Takes On DNS Threats

Infoblox released new products aimed at safeguarding against security threats to DNS and those created by BYOD, including the Infoblox DNS Firewall, which is now available on the company's carrier-grade 4030 DNS Caching Appliance. It also introduced new DHCP Fingerprinting technology to help network administrators identify and control device types on their network without using network discovery or agents.

Infoblox DNS Firewall makes use of the company's live reputational feed to populate its DNS system with a list of known malicious domains. If malware tries to connect one of these malicious domains to its botnet controller, the firewall blocks the connection and logs the access attempt. Infoblox's 4030 DNS Caching Appliance has been upgraded to support the new firewall and can mitigate DoS and DDoS attacks by handling up to 1 million DNS queries per second.

To help enterprises more easily establish device policies, the Infoblox DHCP Fingerprinting technology allows network administrators to see device type information for all DHCP-connected devices on their network, whether it's an iOS device, Xbox or router. The fingerprinting technology integrates with the company's IPAM system for further correlation of device type and IP address information.

Infoblox DNS Firewall and 4030 DNS Caching Appliance are available now; pricing was not disclosed. The fingerprinting technology is now a free feature in Infoblox DDI 6.7.

Fortinet Adds Features To FortiGate OS

Fortinet has updated its enterprise firewall with new features to its FortiOS 5 operating system that runs its FortiGate network security platform, including a simplified way for users to set up configuration options and new tools to ward against advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Using Feature Select, customers can choose from a variety of security configurations based on their needs, including high-speed firewall, Web filtering and UTM, all with one click. A new Context Feature in the OS enables users to extract more detailed information from historic and real-time reports, including IP and port, geographical IP, session type, user names, network usage and network coverage.

Fortinet's new FortiGuard Advanced Threat Protection Service is designed to combat targeted attacks with features such as botnet blacklisting, anti-malware signatures and cloud-based sandboxing.The FortiOS 5 update is available now.

Polycom Updates RealPresence For Mobile And Desktop

Polycom recently launched its RealPresence Mobile 3.0 and Desktop 3.0 video collaboration software products, which include better content-sharing capabilities and support for more devices. On the desktop side, RealPresence now runs on Mac OS X, while the mobile version now supports the latest devices from Apple, LG's Optimus G Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Sony Xperia ZL and Z.

RealPresence Mobile 3.0 now allows iPad users to capture and share images, live Web content and a variety of file formats including PDF and Microsoft Office documents. It also features remote camera control by pairing tablets with Polycom's video conferencing room systems. Both RealPresence Mobile 3.0 and Desktop 3.0 will be available in July. They are compatible with RealPresence CloudAxis Suite, which was launched in March and recently achieved VMware Ready status.

BT Aids Smart Device Deployment

BT has launched new services based on its BT Connect networking portfolio and BT Assure security portfolio to help CIOs deploy smart devices on a large scale. The new services include professional services and technology services.

BT's Advise BYOD Ready Infrastructure Quick Start service is an assessment of an enterprise's requirements from their WAN and LAN, while Advise BYOD Quick Start helps organizations identify any steps they must take to reduce risk and understand how prepared they are to introduce smart devices, including policy and implementation.

On the technology side, BT now offers a cloud-based device and mobile application management service that manages both content and apps for users, while the Connect Intelligence service provides a centralized view of apps running on smart devices. New wireless LAN capabilities such as enhanced guest Wi-Fi services can provide more information and control, including customized content delivery.

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