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Apple iOS 4.2 Security Fixes; HP Profit Jumps

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TOP STORY: Apple iOS 4.2 Includes 40 Security Fixes

MORE NEWS: HP Profit Jumps As IT Spending Rises

ANALYTIC REPORT: Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

WHITEPAPER: Information and Analytics: Enabling Business Optimization

SLIDESHOW: Desktop Twitter Programs Revealed

VIDEO: Oxygen Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010

BLOG: Ready for 150M Broadband Connections?

WEBCAST: Turbulence at the Rack Edge

RESOURCES: Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"I just feel that my competitive drive is far greater than anyone else that I've met, and I think that I thrive on that." -- Michael Jordan



Apple iOS 4.2 Includes 40 Security Fixes

More than half of the patches relate to the Webkit open source web browser engine.


iOS 4.3 To Include 'Daily' Newspaper App Code

Apple Releases iOS 4.2

Apple Seen Prepping Thinner iPad For 2011


HP Profit Jumps As IT Spending Rises

Net income jumps 5% on an 8% revenue increase, but software sales lag.

Mobile Google Docs Editing Stinks

Based on my attempts to use Google's new mobile Docs editing features, I'd say the feature is far from fully baked.

Verizon Announces 150Mbps Broadband

Pitted against AT&T's high-speed U-verse service, Verizon claims the $195 per month FiOS offering will be the fastest consumer broadband in the U.S.

Health Execs Laud EHRs For Boosting Care

Government Accountability Office report finds that e-health records support disease management by improving data sharing and communication.

Enterprises Overlook Virtualization, Cloud In Disaster Recovery

Symantec study finds 44% of data on virtualized systems is rarely backed up, and 60% of virtualized servers are not included in disaster recovery plans.

PeeWee PC Unveils Laptop For Children

The $599 Pivot 2.0 convertible tablet has a 10.1-inch rotating touch screen and comes with water-resistant keyboard, slip-resistant grips and security software.

Black Friday Deals Starting Early

Some cyber retailers, like Amazon and RadioShack, will kick off bargains as early as Monday, while others will start on Thanksgiving.

TSA Screening Protests Take To Social Media

Air travelers turning to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to try to change the Transportation Security Administration's new hand-search and enhanced body scanner policies.

FCC Explores Allowing Texts To '911'

Chairman Julius Genachowski said texting, mobile videos and photos could help first responders, but most 911 agencies are not yet equipped to handle messaging.

Emergency Department Integration Trumps Functionality

KLAS report shows only 69% of best-of-breed clients indicated their current system is part of their long-term plans.

DHS Cybersecurity Center Promotes Information Sharing

The MS-ISAC aims to give state and local governments the same real-time access to cybersecurity threat info that the federal government has.

Pandigital Novel eReader Goes On Sale

The $214 nine-inch device is powered by Android and is offered through Barnes & Noble's eBookstore.

Yelp Intros Check In Offers

Social media firm revamps business owner dashboard with location-based customer loyalty features.

  Digital Issue  


Business intelligence and analytics already are driving operational
efficiencies. Next up is using data to improve patient care.

ALSO: Pharmaceutical companies find online chatter to be a valuable
source of information about the effectiveness of drugs and other

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Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

Well-secured systems are well-managed systems. But as perimeters melt away, security goes beyond encryption, authentication, and monitoring. We also need to ensure privileged users aren't betraying trust. In this report, we'll cover ways to track who did what to which system, and when--vital to covering yourself in an audit, sure, but also to improving customer service and the support process for remote workers.

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Featured Report

5 Best Practices: Network Management in Education

Networks on college campuses are some of the toughest to manage anywhere. Imagine thousands of users only loosely bound by IT's policies, all supplying their own devices, of every shape, capability and operating system, and expecting universal access both to campus facilities and the Internet in general. Now that's what we call a challenge.

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Featured Report


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Information and Analytics: Enabling Business Optimization

Information is the key to business transformation, says industry analyst Merv Adrian of IT Market Strategy, but it all depends on good data, generated quickly and accessible easily. That means leveraging business analytics technology. Here's how savvy companies do it.
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4 Mobile Data Protection Tips

Get the four things every small business should know about guarding critical data on mobile computing platforms.
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Desktop Twitter Programs Revealed

Desktop Twitter clients offer some advantages over browser-based options for the more than 175 million registered Twitter users navigating the tens of millions of daily Tweets. Desktop clients free user from the limited range of controls and UT metaphors found in the browser, and there's less chance of being bitten by a web-based exploit. Moreover, third-party browser-based clients, such as HootSuite and, hint at different ways of interacting with Twitter. It's no wonder that third-party applications have emerged as a significant means of accessing Twitter, with almost 15% of unique users coming through one of the leading clients. Based upon ease of use, the number of services supporting, interfaces to additional services such as URL shortening and filter management, here are five Twitter clients worth a look.   View Now


Top 20 Government Cloud Service Providers

RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed


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Oxygen Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010

Julia Mak, Marketing Manager, Oxygen Cloud
Interviewed by Steve Kovsky.
Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Santa Clara, 2010.


Saba Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010

Socialcast Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010




Featured Blogger

Ready for 150M Broadband Connections?

By Paul Korzeniowski

Faster networks have been an ongoing desire among small and medium businesses since the days of 50K bps modems. Trying to gain the high ground in the never ending speed war, Verizon boosted its top speed to 150M bps.


Will You Know Where Your Business Is If The Lights Go Out?

By Keith Ferrell

A recent study pointed out that fear of downtime outranked data theft among consequences of a data breach or other intrusion. There's a reason for that ranking, and it extends far beyond breaches.

VAR Helps Wholesaler Boost Efficiency With Analytics

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Pop Quiz: How can a business turn a mish-mash of data into a neat set of statistics it can use to make intelligent decisions about day-to-day operations? Hint: The answer is a technology I mentioned in one of last week's blogs.

Sophos Sees Macs OS Infected With Windows Sludge

By George Hulme

Anti-virus firm Sophos shows that while Macs may be under increasing malware threats, most of the sludge its anti-virus software found targeted Windows systems - Apple users aren't out of the woods.

Is Android Too Open For Google's Benefit?

By Ed Hansberry

Google has never really cared about selling services to the consumer. Instead, they want to give you something that keeps you on their site so they can generate advertising revenue. This is the strategy with Android, but that may be backfiring as handset makers replace Google as the default search engine.


Turbulence at the Rack Edge

The Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch plays an increasingly critical role in data center networks as they continue to grow and evolve. Tune in and discover what turbulence is occurring at the rack edge in data centers today, as well as new technologies and solutions that enable greater levels of scalability, integration and VM-awareness in purpose-built data center Top-of-Rack switching platforms.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 -- 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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