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Android Vulnerable To Data Theft; Inside Airport Scanner Patents

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TOP STORY: Android Vulnerable To Data Theft Exploit

MORE NEWS: Airport Scanner Patents Promise Not To Show Your 'Junk'

ANALYTIC REPORT: Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

WHITEPAPER: Information and Analytics: Enabling Business Optimization

SLIDESHOW: 5 Airport Body Scanner Patents Stripped Down

VIDEO: 11.24.10 OTC Derivatives Clearinghouses: Do They Pose A Systemic Risk?

BLOG: Hacking Windows Phone 7

WEBCAST: Smarter Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics In Practice

RESOURCES: Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


"Don't be afraid to see what you see." -- Ronald Reagan



Android Vulnerable To Data Theft Exploit

Google is preparing a fix for the bug that could allow attackers to use JavaScript to read files from handsets.


Windows Phone Crushed By Android

China Directed Google Attack, Leaked Cable Says

Acer To Release Android Tablets


Airport Scanner Patents Promise Not To Show Your 'Junk'

Rapiscan, the company supplying the controversial x-ray backscatter screeners, has won a patent for a machine which detects threats "with minimum display of anatomical details." Its competitors, and body scanner pioneer Martin Annis, are also pursuing enhanced privacy approaches. Here are the technology details.

WikiLeaks Fallout: White House Orders Security Clampdown

OMB wants agencies to impose stricter limits on the number of personnel with access to classified documents and computer systems.

Apple, Google, Microsoft Chided For 'Sneaky' Installations

Mozilla's Asa Dotzler urges the three companies to 'stop being evil.'

Microsoft Xbox Gets TV Service?

Report says the software maker is contemplating a move that would see it join rivals Google and Apple in the Web-based, interactive television market.

iPad, Smartphones Dragging Down PC Sales

Gartner lowers 2010 and 2011 forecasts for global PC shipments, as Apple and other tablets and smartphones cut into conventional computer shipments.

Federal Pay Freeze Could Complicate IT Recruitment Efforts

Top cybersecurity and IT acquisition pros may be reluctant to take government jobs, knowing they won't be eligible for a raise for at least a year.

Government Seizes 82 Sites In Piracy Sweep

Joint effort between the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice shuts down peer-to-peer networks and sites allegedly selling counterfeit goods.

Mellanox To Acquire Voltaire For $218 Million

The firms will converge their data center connectivity products for linking servers, storage solutions, fabric switches, and related software.

Three Guidelines For Implementing MDM

Let business drivers, data volatility and project scope determine your approach and deployment style for master data management.

GAO Criticizes HUD IT Modernization Efforts

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has not yet met requirements to justify appropriated funds, nor demonstrated management capabilities to complete eight in-progress projects.



Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

Well-secured systems are well-managed systems. But as perimeters melt away, security goes beyond encryption, authentication, and monitoring. We also need to ensure privileged users aren't betraying trust. In this report, we'll cover ways to track who did what to which system, and when--vital to covering yourself in an audit, sure, but also to improving customer service and the support process for remote workers.

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Featured Report

5 Best Practices: Network Management in Education

Networks on college campuses are some of the toughest to manage anywhere. Imagine thousands of users only loosely bound by IT's policies, all supplying their own devices, of every shape, capability and operating system, and expecting universal access both to campus facilities and the Internet in general. Now that's what we call a challenge.

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Featured Report


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Information and Analytics: Enabling Business Optimization

Information is the key to business transformation, says industry analyst Merv Adrian of IT Market Strategy, but it all depends on good data, generated quickly and accessible easily. That means leveraging business analytics technology. Here's how savvy companies do it.
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4 Mobile Data Protection Tips

Get the four things every small business should know about guarding critical data on mobile computing platforms.
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5 Airport Body Scanner Patents Stripped Down

Here's a deep dive on five patents applying X-ray backscatter technology to airport contraband detection. These screening machines have been much in the news recently, amid controversy regarding both their effectiveness and the amount of radiation exposure to which travelers are subjected. The patents we'll look at are from prime players in the airport body scanner field. This list is led by Rapiscan Systems Inc. , of Torrance, Calif., which in 2009 won the TSA contract to supply whole-body imaging scanners to U.S. airports. Also included is Martin Annis, a pioneer in body scanning who founded American Science and Engineering Inc. (ASAE) of Billerica, Mass. in 1958. In 1980, Annis was awarded one of the first personnel scanner patents. Finally, L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems Inc., of Woburn, Mass., has sold numerous explosives detection devices to the military and vied for the TSA contract. Selected diagrams from five patents are included to illustrate inventors' efforts at enhanced privacy, through which explicit body part imagery is replaced by a mannequin-like view, as well as to show attempts to reduce traveler exposure to x-rays through more sophisticated radiation source arrays.   View Now


Top 20 Apps For Managing Social Media

Desktop Twitter Programs Revealed


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11.24.10 OTC Derivatives Clearinghouses: Do They Pose A Systemic Risk?

TABB Group senior analyst Kevin McPartland talks to editor-at-large Ivy Schmerken about whether OTC Derivatives clearinghouses pose a systemic risk to the financial system.   Watch


11.23.10 OTC Clearing Houses: Do They Pose A Systemic Risk?

Part 4: Suddenly All Computing Is Parallel




Featured Blogger

Hacking Windows Phone 7

By Ed Hansberry

There is news on two fronts on hacking Windows Phone 7. The OS was released last month in Europe and is less than a month out of the gate in the US and already someone has found a way to bypass Microsoft's Marketplace application store. Microsoft is fighting back though on more serious hacking attempts, like custom ROM images.


Ricoh Goes Green At California HQ

By Lamont Wood

Printer vendor is installing a rooftop solar energy system on its headquarters building in California.

Are You Ready For High Speed Storage Interfaces?

By George Crump

A new wave of high speed storage interfaces is on the way offering improved storage I/O performance To see the expected performance improvement you have to do more than simply add drives with the new interface and install a host bus adapter in the server, you have to make sure every link in the I//O chain is ready.

Confirmation? Chinese Government May Have Been Behind Operation Aurora Hacks

By George Hulme

We suspected there would be some interesting cyber security related news to come out of the thousands of cables released by WikiLeaks over the weekend. We were not disappointed.

Healthcare Breach Highlights Need For More Security Insight

By George Hulme

Triple-S Management, a managed care services provider in Puerto Rico, suffered a security breach that could have exposed the personal health care information of more than 400,000 customers.

Black Friday Online Sales Grow By Double Digits

By Paul Korzeniowski

Drive to the mall or shop from home? A growing number of buyers opted for the latter on Black Friday, underscoring the need for retailers to develop a strong online presence.


Smarter Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics In Practice

In this InformationWeek Editorial Webcast, analyst and expert David Stodder explains how it's possible to get to deeper, more forward-looking insight without breaking the bank. Drawing from case examples and current trends, David will explore various options, including conventional analytics tools, prebuilt models and apps, and ways of embedding analytic insight into dashboards, processes, and mainstream applications.

It happens Wednesday, December 8, 2010 -- 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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