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Alleged LulzSec Mastermind Arrested | Selling Enterprise 2.0 to Bosses

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistHow To Sell Enterprise 2.0 To The Bosses
By David Carr
Here's expert advice on building an airtight business case, while avoiding the pitfalls of too-tentative pilot projects.

Special Report: Enterprise 2.0 Conference News
Enterprise 2.0: It's Still About Improving Business Performance

Scotland Yard Busts Alleged LulzSec Mastermind
British police, in a joint investigation with the FBI, arrest a teenager on charges of computer misuse and fraud.

AT&T Vs. Verizon: Which Data Plan Is Better?
With Verizon set to roll out tiered mobile data plans, comparisons with other carriers' pricing schemes are in order.

What To Look For In SMB NAS
When small and midsize businesses go shopping for servers, one of the first they're going to buy is a network-attached storage system. And there are a lot to chose from.

Indiana University's 'Personal Clouds' Address Massive Virtualization Challenges
Citrix selected over VMware for university's 18-month IUAnyWare project to convert its 100,000 end users at eight campuses to using virtualized applications with aim of saving money and delivering better services.

Social Software Needs Metrics That Matter
Deloitte's John Hagel says enterprise social networking can help people find a passion for work and boost business performance during an Enterprise 2.0 keynote address.

DoubleDutch Checks In Business Activities
Foursquare-like service extends HYVE social mobile platform to sales and field service staff and promotes checking in on business, not just from locations.

Feds Run 5 Of Top 10 Supercomputers Worldwide
Japan's K Computer and China's Tianhe-1A took the top two spots, but four Department of Energy systems and one run by NASA made the top 10 of a biannual ranking of the top 500 high-performance-computing systems.

Bitter experience has taught us how fundamental our values are and how great the mission they represent. -- Jan Peter Balkenende


DoubleDutch Checks In Business Activities
Feds Run 5 Of Top 10 Supercomputers Worldwide
Deduplication To Optimize Disaster Recovery
How to Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Cloud
ICANN's Domain Name Plan Could Spell Trouble
Virtualize Without Compromise
Special Report: Enterprise 2.0

Posted By hbaldwin940:
"Schumacher's justifications for cloud computing map to any company that has the bandwidth needs and geographical dispersion that require reliability."
In reply to: 4 Reasons Cloud Computing Isn't Overhyped
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Posted By jrapoza:
"I've been in meetings with many federal CIOs and technology directors. They are often well behind private sector companies when it comes to technology and the reasons above are the main force behind this slowdown."
In reply to: Government Technologist: Give Federal CIOs The Authority They Need
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A well-planned approach to centralized storage will save you time and money in the long run.

ALSO: You can't afford to keep operating without redundancy for critical systems -- but business units must prioritize before IT begins implementation. We have the lowdown -- only in our June Digital Supplement

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Deduplication To Optimize Disaster Recovery
Designing infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery requires a mix of business and technological savvy. Deduplication at the disk and the network level can make it easier to move and store critical information in your DR environment.
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Cloud Security: Understand The Risks Before You Make The Move
In this report, we explain the risks and guide you in setting appropriate cloud security policies, processes and controls. Plus: How to catch up when security is an afterthought to a cloud migration.
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Featured Report


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How to Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Cloud
Many companies fail to assess their current processes and procedures before transitioning to the cloud. Review trends and technologies that make the environment ripe for transitioning to the cloud and discover tips for preparing your network for the cloud.
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Best Practices to Combat Advanced Malware
Former CISO of the Department of Defense, Robert Lentz, shines a light on the dark corners of advanced malware, both to educate as well as to spark renewed efforts against these stealthy and persistent threats. Download this handbook to take a deep dive into the developing cyber threat landscape and discover practical insights on how to protect your data and computing infrastructures.
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ICANN's Domain Name Plan Could Spell Trouble
Companies next year will be able register their own top-level domains, but the price may be more intellectual property litigation and security problems.

Skype Enterprise Expert Not Going (Back) To Microsoft
David Gurle, who led the development of Exchange IM while at Redmond, leaves with several other Skype execs after acquisition deal.

100 Years Of IBM: 25 Historic Milestones
IBM this week celebrates 100 years of innovation and business optimization. From punch cards to the S/360, from tabulators to teraflops, from CEO Watson to supercomputer Watson, IBM has a unique history. Take a visual tour back through the decades.

Microsoft Warns Of Huge Phone Scam
Forget fake antivirus software; PC users are getting calls from fake security experts.

ONC Solicits Feedback On Health IT Strategic Plan
Public comments are due April 22 on the plan, which outlines how the federal government will implement health IT initiatives over the next five years.



Samsung Chromebook: Hands-On Visual Tour Finally, the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 surfaces. Early verdict: This beautiful, slightly pricey gadget adds elegance to Google's Mobile OS.   View Now

Apple iCloud Purchasing First Look
100 Years Of IBM: 25 Historic Milestones


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Extrahop Tackles Application Performance Management
Extrahop's appliance captures full transactions for detailed, real-time performance analysis.   Watch

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess and BYTE Editor Gina Smith: A deep demo of SampleWiz.



Virtualize Without Compromise
Attend this webcast to learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of virtual machine data protection and how you can prepare yourself for a successful virtualization project. It happens Thursday, July 26, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET -- Duration: 60 minutes More Information & Registration


Special Report: Enterprise 2.0
Our colleagues at The Brainyard are at Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston this week, reporting on all the action -- before, during, and after the event. Visit our Special Report for all the very latest!
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