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8 Ways Windows 8 Store Beats Apple | Cisco's Private Cloud Punch

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, Dec 8, 2011
Between The Lines Columnist Cisco CloudVerse: Build One Private Cloud, Multiple Hypervisors
By Charles Babcock
Cisco steps back from close partner VMware to help firms build a private cloud using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX Server, plus Cisco blades.

VMware's Best And Worst Moves Of 2011
Welcome To The Hyper Wars

Windows 8 Store: 8 Ways It Beats Apple
Microsoft lifts the curtain on its forthcoming Windows 8 Store in a bid to attract developers to create Metro apps.

9 Budget-Friendly Online Video Tips For SMBs
How to produce compelling online videos for your small and midsize business without spending big bucks.

8 Most Notorious Cybercrime Busts Of 2011
Torrent of attacks from groups like Anonymous, LulzSec, Goatse Security, and Antisec has made it a busy year for cybercrime investigators.

IRS Uses Analytics To Help Collect Delinquent Taxes
Agency has awarded SAS Institute $6.25 million to use its analytics software in its new Return Review Program.

Search Software Indexes Social Feeds, Gmail
X1's high-performance desktop search engine adds Facebook, Twitter, and leading webmail services.

HIMSS Launches Mobile Health IT Project
As healthcare CIOs scramble to develop policies to guide mobile device usage, trade group aims to help.

How Avaya Is Embracing Social, Consumerization Trends
Geek fun: getting the full Flare Experience of unified communications in a tour of Avaya's executive briefing center.

A leader is a person you will follow to a place you wouldn't go by yourself. -- Joel A. Barker


HIMSS Launches Mobile Health IT Project
How Avaya Is Embracing Social, Consumerization Trends
The Antisocial Network
Understand the TCO for Mobile Computing Devices
10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
Evaluation Guide for Cloud ERP
InformationWeek 2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey

Posted By herman_munster:
"f you wanted to "spy" on millions of devices, having it send information over the air would not be the way to do it. You would wait till it came in off the tower and then pull it from firewalls, and other monitoring devices."
In reply to: "Carrier IQ Data Collection Technically Legit, Say Researchers"
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Posted By SimonS1:
"Are you familiar with the Microsoft Corporation? I would not consider them a triumph of free enterprise. "
In reply to: "Microsoft Office, Enjoy Your Retirement"
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  Digital Issue  
Database access controls keep information out of the wrong hands. Limit who sees what to stop leaks-- accidental and otherwise.

ALSO: Why user provisioning isn't as simple as it sounds.

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The Antisocial Network
Is your company antisocial? Our latest research shows that business-oriented social networking platforms aren't living up to their promises of better communication, collaboration and productivity.
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Featured Report
Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
In this new Tech Center report, we profile five database breaches--and extract the lessons to be learned from each. Plus: A rundown of six technologies to reduce your risk.
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Featured Report


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Understand the TCO for Mobile Computing Devices
Learn how downtime due to device failure and unauthorized changes made by end users can lead to diminished productivity and higher TCO for your mobile devices
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Accelerate the delivery of modern applications
Analysts estimate that as much as 70% of IT spending is focused on maintaining current applications, leaving only a small portion of resources to fuel innovation and growth. The main reason for high maintenance costs is legacy systems. This white paper reveals best practices designed to transform the IT landscape and explains the three essential phases of application transformation.
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10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
Online tools let you get going fast and pay as you go, two factors that appeal especially to SMBs. From productivity to analytics, these 10 apps deserve your attention.

10 Massive Security Breaches
They make the news on a regular basis: incidents in which a company or government agency's security is breached, leading to a loss of information, personal records, or other data. There are many ways to measure the size or cost of a security breach. Some result in the loss of millions of data records, some affect millions of people, and some wind up costing the affected businesses a lot of money. Not to mention, the questions of you calculate the value of personal medical information vs. credit card numbers. Here are ten security breaches of epic scale, plus one "bonus" incident that ranks among the boneheaded moves of all time.

NASA: Two Waves Formed Japan's Destructive Tsunami
Satellite data, computer models confirmed March's merging tsunami and might help scientists better predict tsunamis' paths.

10 Epic Android Apps
Among the hundreds of thousands of Android apps, we've rounded up 10 epic, must-have choices. These apps will save your bacon, day in and day out.

Adobe Under New Zero Day Attack
Emergency patch for Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x for Windows due for release within a week.


Federal Data Center Consolidation: By The Numbers
Go inside the federal government's data center consolidation initiative, which aims to save $5 billion. See who's closing the most data centers, where, and how else the picture is changing.   View Now

10 Android App Flops
15 Tech Venture Capitalists Worth Knowing


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Keynote Panel: Pushing the Limits of the Consumerization of IT
Keynote Moderator Larry Seltzer Editorial Director, Byte; Keynote Panelist Robert Scoble Blogger, Technical Evangelist & Author; Keynote Panelist Oliver Marks Co-founder, Sovos Group   Watch

Keynote: Sandy Carter, IBM
Keynote Panel: Motivation 2.0



Evaluation Guide for Cloud ERP
Join this webinar to hear from the real experts -- the IT and finance executives who have implemented ERP in the cloud. Learn how they dealt with old systems and challenges, understand their evaluation process and the questions they asked, and hear how their deployments are today. It happens December 15. More Information & Registration


InformationWeek 2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey
We are conducting a survey on cloud computing usage and optimization strategies. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an Apple 32-GB iPod Touch.
Survey ends Dec. 9

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