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8 Tips: Stop Life Hacks | Union Pacific's Data Reality Check

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  Wednesday, August 08, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Union Pacific Delivers Internet Of Things Reality Check
By Chris Murphy
U.S.'s largest railroad uses sensors and analytics to prevent derailments, but it also shows where the next wave of innovation is needed.

Tech Hotshot, Want To Work At A Railroad?
Why Union Pacific Builds Its Own Tech

8 Ways To Avoid Getting Your Life Hacked
How can you avoid an 'epic hack' involving your Apple iCloud account, as journalist Mat Honan just experienced? Follow these strategies.

Hadoop Security: Some Enterprises Miss Risks
Not enough enterprises understand the security issues that come along with the popular big data platform, members of Hadoop community warn.

Big Data Fuels 2012 Olympics Stats Frenzy
Fans, not athletes, are setting the most historically significant numbers during the 2012 Olympics. Take a look at the stats being analyzed, from basketball to social media.

iOS 6: 10 Things Worth Knowing
Apple's forthcoming revision of its iOS mobile operating system delivers more Apple and less Google. Here's a look at other key changes.

Apple Design Expert 'Confused' Samsung For iPhone
Susan Kare, an original Mac icon designer, testifies Samsung menus are "substantially" similar to the iPhone's, to the point that she mixed up the smartphones.

Retail's Future: Price Comparison Via Smartphone Apps
Almost half of shoppers use mobile apps when they cruise retail aisles. Often, they leave to find cheaper prices.

Microsoft IE 10 Makes 'Do Not Track' Default
Users may laud Microsoft's privacy efforts in Internet Explorer 10, but publishers and advertisers could be less thrilled.

How To Solve 2 VDI Performance Challenges
Here's how to fix storage performance problems that creep up after you consolidate hundreds of desktops onto a single host.

"Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt" -- Abraham Lincoln


Microsoft IE 10 Makes 'Do Not Track' Default
How To Solve 2 VDI Performance Challenges
Best Practices: Top Tech Tools for Educators
Achieve Success by Migrating from Traditional BI to Agile Business Analytics
Curiosity Lands On Mars: 10 Amazing Facts
Hackers' Favorite Methods for Attacking Web Users
There's Still Time To Attend Cloud Connect Chicago

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Posted By Mack Knife:
"The only thing Apple is accomplishing here is to make itself look foolish. Check back in a few years and all you'll find left of Apple is a pack of lawyers fighting over a bad core."
In reply to: "Apple Design Expert 'Confused' Samsung For iPhone"
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Posted By Number 6:
"Any SMB that stakes its future on something from Google had better recognize the inherent risk involved. Think all those small mom and pop operations without IT staffs understand that?"
In reply to: "Google Ends Apps for Teams, Google Video For Business"
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  Digital Issue  
Don't get tripped up by these common payment card data security mistakes: failing to vet the auditor, skipping the pre-audit assessment, losing track of your data, and seven more.

Also in the new, all-digital issue of Dark Reading, Test data security before the auditor arrives, Tim Wilson recommends.

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Best Practices: Top Tech Tools for Educators
This report highlights some top applications being developed and used to increase the effectiveness of instruction and the level of student engagement and higher-order thinking from elementary school through postgraduate studies.
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Featured Report
Research: Compliance in the Cloud Era
Just as we're finally getting to a good place with controls, a new pressure is emerging, say the 422 respondents to our 2012 Regulatory Compliance Survey. Enterprises are placing increased reliance on external parties, and 72% of respondents see at least some vendors and partners as a compliance threat. Here's how to minimize your risk.
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Featured Report


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Achieve Success by Migrating from Traditional BI to Agile Business Analytics
The notion of being agile means different things to business decision makers, IT developers, and solution providers, resulting in some confusion as to what the use of the word agile truly encompasses and how broadly, and in what context, it can be applied across the organization. This report looks at the process of building an environment for what can be aptly termed Agile Business Analytics.
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Capacity Management & Lean Six-Sigma
With the help of Lean Six-Sigma methodology, capacity management can be used to consciously eradicate capacity waste. Based on operational feedbacks, this white paper shows how capacity management activities can systematically identify and eliminate IT waste. It also provides directions for using lean methodology in capacity management as a means to reach even greater efficiency.
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Curiosity Lands On Mars: 10 Amazing Facts
NASA's Mars rover so far has performed flawlessly on one of the most delicate space missions yet. Here's a quick look at what makes Curiosity's work so amazing.

Curiosity's Mars Mission: View The Amazing Technology
NASA's high-flying science lab is on a long-term mission to assess the habitability of Mars with tools that include a drill, scoop, camera, and on-board testing.

NASA, Microsoft Reveal Mars In Pictures
As Earth's closest neighbor and with an atmosphere more similar to Earth's than any other planet in the solar system, Mars has long been a subject of great interest to astronomers and the public. NASA began exploring Mars with unmanned spacecraft in the 1970s, and the space agency hopes to eventually send a human to the Red Planet. In March 2009, NASA and Microsoft partnered under a Space Act Agreement to make images of Mars and other planets available through Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope, an online "virtual telescope." When viewed through Worldwide Telescope, users can study the surface of Mars in detail, while zooming in and out and panning its surface.

Apple iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: What We Know
How will Apple's new iPhone stack up to Samsung's premier smartphone? Here's a look at some key considerations.

Apple Removes YouTube App From iOS 6
Apple says Google is working on a replacement app, but the app will have to be installed by iOS users.


8 Accountable Care Organizations Worth Closer Look
ACOs break new ground in healthcare as cost pressures mount for providers.   View Now

10 Tablets That Will Shake Up 2012
Curiosity's Mars Mission: View The Amazing Technology


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Jelly Bean Demo On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus
BYTE reviewed Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We found that it operated faster and smoother than the previous operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.   Watch

First Look At Windows 8, Microsoft's Office 2013��
The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World, Part 3



Hackers' Favorite Methods for Attacking Web Users
In this one-hour webinar on Wednesday, August 15, 2012, a leading security expert will discuss cybercriminals' most favored methods for rooking Web users -- and what steps you can take to prevent your users from becoming the next victims. More Information & Registration

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There's Still Time To Attend Cloud Connect Chicago
Cloud Connect is expanding to the Windy City. Join 1,000+ IT professionals at the event where you will learn how to leverage new cloud technology solutions to increase productivity and improve your business agility. Use Priority Code UFPQCH25 for a Free Expo Pass. Join us in Chicago, Sept. 10-13.
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InformationWeek 2012 State of Server Technology Survey
We are conducting a survey on the current state of server technology within the enterprise. One lucky participant will be randomly selected to win an iPod Touch!
Survey ends Aug. 10

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