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8 Great Salesforce Apps | Obama Cybersecurity Order, Explained

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InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, February 13, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist White House Cybersecurity Executive Order: What It Means
By J. Nicholas Hoover
The White House late Tuesday issued a long-awaited executive order to bolster the nation's cyber defenses. But that order leaves some questions unanswered.

Zombie Alert Hoax: Emergency Broadcast System Hacked
Federal CIO Details Concerns On Looming Budget Cuts Secrets: 8 Apps Help You Do More
Is your app mix keeping up with your company's business growth? One rapidly growing midsize company shares a look at its blend of turnkey and custom apps.

Microsoft's Big Data Strategy: An Insider's View
Microsoft executive Dave Campbell outlines plans for Hadoop, machine learning, high-performance computing and data and analytic offerings on Azure.

Dell's Future: 3 Wild Cards CIOs Should Understand
As Dell pursues going private, Microsoft's $2 billion stake isn't the only thing that should give enterprises pause.

NASA Outlines Space Tech Investment Plan
Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan details NASA's development priorities for the next four years.

Adobe Reader, Acrobat Under Attack
Cue the security fatigue: Zero-day attacks target Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Adobe pushes second Flash patch, Microsoft fixes 56 flaws.

Xerox Targets Cloud Document Security Worries
Xerox, working with Cisco and McAfee, launches printers and apps designed to securely route documents to Dropbox, Google Apps and other cloud services.

Facebook Graph Search: One Group's Early Lessons
Farm Sanctuary shares lessons learned during its first steps with Facebook's new search engine, including privacy considerations.

Health IT Needs Moneyball Technique To Succeed
Big data in healthcare should copy the movie's analytics strategy, says eHealth Initiative Annual Conference keynote speaker.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." -- Benjamin Franklin


Facebook Graph Search: One Group's Early Lessons
Health IT Needs Moneyball Technique To Succeed
Research: Security Staffing Survey
Big Data Solutions To Enterprise Data Security Challenges
Tim Cook: Cheaper iPhone? Maybe...
What Does Big Data Mean To Your Business?
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Posted By moarsauce123:
"Apple will not need to prove you wrong. Consumers need to do that. And aside from bragging rights and having too much money I see no value in that gadget."
In reply to: "Apple iWatch: 7 Reasons It Won't Fly"
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  Digital Issue  
Terabytes are growing into petabytes: The era of big data has arrived in government. Make sure you have a plan to keep up and the skills to make it work.

ALSO: Federal gun control won't succeed without an IT overhaul.

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Research: Security Staffing Survey
Hiring the wrong security pro can be a costly mistake that could set your company back years in terms of risk reduction. But finding the right person isn't easy. But don't despair. We'll walk you through the steps you need to take to find the best security professionals.
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Featured Report
Strategy: One-Click Disaster Recovery
Automation and orchestration are all the rage among IT architects these days. One of the best places to apply the technology is to disaster recovery. Most organizations still want a "go" button, but after that, timely recovery requires automation. Here's what you need to know to make it happen.
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Featured Report


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Big Data Solutions To Enterprise Data Security Challenges
Enterprises today are exposed to a range of IT security threats, from basic annoyances such as auto-emailed viruses, to targeted phishing-style attacks that trick employees into clicking on dangerous links that install malware, steal credentials, or in some other way jeopardize the security of the enterprise. Learn how Big Data analysis techniques gives enterprises the data security they need to withstand today's highly customized inbound attacks.
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The Case for Better Software Configuration Management and Agile Processes
The current state of software configuration management (SCM) systems employed at medium and large corporations is often inadequate to support modern agile processes, reveals exclusive research from UBM Tech. Learn about core challenges such as code refactoring, cross-repository migration, improved branching and support.
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Tim Cook: Cheaper iPhone? Maybe...
Is a cheaper iPhone 5 necessary when the iPhone 4 is free on a contract? Is an entirely new product on the horizon, and it's not an iPhone? When Apple wants to introduce a more affordable product, it's not always exactly what we expect.

Microsoft Surface Pro: Right For You?
Microsoft's business-friendly Windows 8 tablet-laptop hybrid isn't perfect. From battery life to weight considerations, we break down whether Surface Pro will suit your needs.

10 Best Android Apps Of 2012
Check out these 10 gems that stood out from the crowd of 700,000 Android apps.

Nexus Devices Getting Android 4.2.2, Google Now Widget
Android 4.2.2 update hits some Nexus devices, as details leak about a new widget that could make Google Now more powerful.

Zombie Alert Hoax: Emergency Broadcast System Hacked
Bodies of the dead are rising from their graves, warns CBS affiliate. News at 10.


SLIDESHOWS Secrets: 8 Apps Help You Do More
Is your app mix keeping up with your company's business growth? One rapidly growing midsize company shares a look at its blend of turnkey and custom apps.   View Now

Microsoft Surface Pro: Right For You?
Samsung Galaxy S IV: What To Expect


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Bob Metcalfe Plans Ethernet's 40th
The 'Father of Ethernet' comes back to PARC, the scene of the crime, to talk about Ethernet's future -- including a 40th birthday bash in May.   Watch

CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
Intel touts tablets, smartphones at CES 2013



What Does Big Data Mean To Your Business?
The onslaught of data growth is challenging CIOs to look for new ways to manage and scale their IT infrastructure. In this live Webcast on Thursday, February 21, 2013, we'll discuss key storage challenges, the requirements of a modern IT infrastructure, and the targeted next steps IT leaders must take in order to provide value to the business. More Information & Registration

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