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7 Duqu Insights | Kindle Fire Hits Office: Security Tips

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistKindle Fire Hits The Office: 5 Security Concerns
By Mathew J. Schwartz
As proud owners of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet walk this device through your company's front door, enterprise IT should be prepared.

Top 5 MDM Must-Dos
AT&T Deal: Android Tablet, Plus Bonus Smartphone

7 Facts On Duqu Malware Attacks
Research into Duqu malware finds a component compiled in 2007, but identified successful attacks that occurred as recent as April 2011.

Facebook Blames Porn Attack On Browser Bugs
Attack spread a massive quantity of hardcore pornography and violence images via a cross-site scripting flaw.

Nokia Reveals Windows 8 Tablet Plan
Microsoft's closest ally may be first out of the gate with slates that run Redmond's next OS.

Google Wi-Fi Privacy Fix, Explained
Workaround stops Google from storing your network's location in its database of Wi-Fi access points, but there's a naming catch.

Smartphone Invader Tracks Your Every Move
Carrier IQ software, installed on more than 141 million mobile phones, tracks GPS location, websites visited, search queries, and all keys pressed.

Dell Plays Switzerland Between Microsoft, VMware
Dell will be an honest broker on behalf of customers using hypervisor technologies from warring parties--who have shown no appetite for appeasing...

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight: Not The Retiring Type
Cloud, shmoud! Hadoop, big whoop! SAS' top executive and co-founder throws cold water on hot trends. Behind the times, or a clear-headed realist?

A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion. -- Chinese Proverb


Dell Plays Switzerland Between Microsoft, VMware
SAS CEO Jim Goodnight: Not The Retiring Type
IT Pro Impact: Windows 8
Business at the Speed of Virtualization
Kindle Fire: Early Reviews Roundup
Tackling Top Priorities For IT Infrastructure & Operations Leaders
InformationWeek 2012 Midrange SAN Vendor Evaluation Survey

Posted By ANON1241486907214:
"Facebook gets a bit of its own medicine. They certainly know about "social engineering" scams, that's what they do to every unsuspecting new user when they ask for their contact list."
In reply to: Facebook Blames Porn Attack On Browser Bugs
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Posted By YMOM100:
"The sole point of any Kindle IS to lock you into Amazon as sole provider, although there are tons of often free books from Google and other places that work fine on the Kindle."
In reply to: Kindle Fire: Early Reviews Roundup
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  Digital Issue  
A phased data center upgrade makes technical and financial sense. Randy George suggests six steps to follow.

ALSO: Michael A. Davis discusses strategies for how the make your Managed Service Provider work for you.

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IT Pro Impact: Windows 8
Our exclusive research shows many IT organizations are still in the midst of efforts to move to Microsoft's Windows 7 and as such are not ready to jump into a Windows 8 migration now-or, for many, anytime soon. Higher on the docket: Minimizing the need to worry about the underlying OS.
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Strategy: Patch Management
It's no longer sufficient to patch just Windows, Office and IE. With the massive array of applications now residing on enterprise PCs, and the proliferation of mobile and cloud-based applications, your business is far too vulnerable to exploitation unless you have a solid strategy for patch prioritization, deployment and quality assurance. Follow these steps to put your plan in place.
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Business at the Speed of Virtualization
In order for businesses to be simultaneously more agile, flexible, efficient, and green, IT must become all these things first through server virtualization and cloud computing. Download this white paper to learn how to prepare your IT department for an agile and flexible future.
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IPv6: How to Get Started
A phased strategy identifies how your organization can preserve, prepare and prosper with IPv6. Download this white paper to learn how to get started today.
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Kindle Fire: Early Reviews Roundup
After one day on the market, Amazon's touch-based tablet draws raves, mostly.

AMD Bulldozer Chip Wants To Flatten Intel
Bulldozer Opteron 6200 processor, first x86 chip to use up to 16 cores, aims to help servers host many virtual machines while consuming less power per core.

Google Apps Gets Better Mobile Device Management
Managing Google Apps for Business, Government, and Education on Android, iOS, and Windows devices just got easier.

10 Epic iPad Apps
Apple's iPad completely changed the way people think about tablets and mobile computing. These 10 must-have iPad apps will help you understand why.

Siri Works Outside iPhone 4S? Crackers Say Yes
Crackers reverse-engineer Siri Protocol, to extend Apple's voice recognition service to any device, at least on the sly.



20 Multifunction Printers For Workgroups Multifunction printers, devices that print, copy, scan, and fax, are growing in popularity for workgroups. Here are 20 worth considering.   View Now

6 E-Prescribing Vendors To Watch
10 Innovative iOS 5 Apps


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Tackling Top Priorities For IT Infrastructure & Operations Leaders
Join this webinar to understand why IT executives are prioritizing these initiatives, the business value they expect to receive, and recommended steps to address them. It happens Thursday, November 17, 2011 -- Time: 11:00am ET / 8 am PT More Information & Registration


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InformationWeek is conducting a survey on the state of database technology in the enterprise. Respond to the survey and be eligible to win an iPad 2.
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