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10 iPad App Stars | Google Drive Alternatives

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  Friday, April 27, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See
By Kevin Casey
Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and now, Google Drive, have the most familiar names. But many alternative services satisfy a variety of storage, backup, and file-sharing needs.

Google Drive Privacy: 4 Misunderstood Facts
The Google Phone That Never Was

10 App Stars For New iPad Screen
Apple optimized its core tablet apps, including iMovie and iPhoto, for the new iPad. But look what else you can do with the gorgeous new Retina display.

Why Apple Will Never Equal Sony
Is Apple destined to decline, as Forrester's CEO has predicted? If so, it won't be due to the absence of Steve Jobs.

VMware Breach: Time To Assume Hypervisor Code Open?
The VMware source code disclosure awakens a long sleeping fear for enterprise IT, that a compromised VM could become a listening post for snoopers, spies and malware makers.

After Flashback, Apple Walled Gardens Won't Help
Apple and other vendors will use the Flashback botnet as reason to move forward with desktop walled garden restrictions. Here's why that approach won't cut malware.

How To Hack The Password Problem
Though they are often the weakest link, passwords aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's how to shore up and manage your organization's passwords

5 Tips For Landing A Big Data Job
Big Data analysts are today's IT rock stars. Consider this advice on how to snag an increasingly coveted job.

6 Reasons iPad Hybrid Tablets Are Inevitable
Apple's chief executive says he won't consider an iPad that transforms into a laptop. Here's why he may not have any choice in the matter.

Sometimes the most positive thing you can be in a boring society is absolutely negative. -- Johnny Rotten


5 Tips For Landing A Big Data Job
6 Reasons iPad Hybrid Tablets Are Inevitable
Strategy: Development Labs in the Cloud
The Battle to Keep Hackers Away from Corporate Networks
The Google Phone That Never Was
Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
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Posted By The Jester:
"Nokia lost their record to a company that makes phones people want. Please explain your view of theft."
In reply to: "Samsung Steals Nokia's Mobile Crown"
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Posted By pcalento011:
"Personal cloud storage (what you're calling bring-your-own-cloud) is a challenge that many CIOs look the other way on today."
In reply to: "Google Drive Shows 'Bring Your Own Cloud' Has Arrived"
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  Digital Issue  
Hacktivist and cybercriminal threats concern IT teams most, our first Federal Government Cybersecurity Survey reveals. Here's how they're fighting back.

Also: Why federal efforts to cut IT costs don't go far enough, and how the State Department is enhancing security.

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Strategy: Development Labs in the Cloud
The options available for putting a lab in the cloud are increasing. We take a look at the costs, complexities and challenges involved in making a move to either a public or private cloud lab, and help you figure out how to get there.
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Featured Report
Informed CIO: Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for Mobility?
No one likes to think about a large meeting with multiple mobile devices bringing a WLAN to its knees, but we've seen it happen. Here's how to help your wired and wireless networks seamlessly support mobile and/or remote users--and not buckle under pressure.
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Featured Report


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The Battle to Keep Hackers Away from Corporate Networks
According to the October 2011 GAO Information Security report, there's been a 650% increase in federal government security incidents over the last five years. Corporate incidents have gone up due to the infiltration of mobile devices and more. Read this interview with the FBI's executive assistant director to learn more about the battle of keeping hackers away from corporate networks.
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Forrester Report: Killing Data for Security and Risk Professionals
As cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, they have eroded the effectiveness of our traditional perimeter-based security controls. The constantly mutating threat landscape requires new defensive measures, one of which is the pervasive use of data encryption technologies. Read this white paper to learn how to encrypt data, and make cybercriminals look for less robustly protected targets.
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The Google Phone That Never Was
Evidence at the Oracle v. Google trial reveals what the original Google Phone prototype looked like, before Apple's iPhone moved the goal posts. Related Android revenue information is also enlightening.

Apple iOS 6 Wishlist: 10 Features We Want
If iOS 6 is discussed at Apple's sold-out developer conference, here's what we want to hear.

VMware Breached, More Hypervisor Source Code To Come
Hacker Hardcore Charlie reveals stolen VMware source code and documents from Asian defense contractors, promises more disclosures in May.

U.S. Military Robots Of The Future: Visual Tour
Meet robots that fight fires, climb ladders, search for bombs, and race across the battlefield. The technological singularity is near, say military strategists.

Converting Your Product To Cloud Service: Lessons Learned
Many technology suppliers don't understand the cloud and are slow to convert. Accenture says you should learn from the example of and others.


Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See
Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and now, Google Drive, have the most familiar names. But many alternative services satisfy a variety of storage, backup, and file-sharing needs.   View Now

10 App Stars For New iPad Screen
The Great ICD-10 Debate: Healthcare Coding Transforms


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Zynga, Proton Media DataSift & ARM on Valley View
What do mobile, social analytics, collaboration, and cloud have in common? They just happen to be the hottest topics in technology, and were also the subjects of the April 24 episode of our monthly, live web TV show Valley View, featuring ARM, DataSi   Watch

An Introduction to Mobile HTML5
Client-Side Storage with Pamela Fox



Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
The global economy has driven business out of America. In small towns, this tends to be a matter of life or death for their internal economy. At the same time, companies are finding that the quality of outsourcing their IT and development to other countries is lacking. A solution has emerged that solves both issues, rural sourcing. We discuss this trend and how it benefits the individual, America and businesses. It happens Tuesday, May 22, 2012. More Information & Registration

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Take Our State Of The Data Center Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to gauge the state of enterprise data centers in 2012. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 32-GB Apple iPod Touch.
Survey ends April 27

Virtual Event: Enterprise Mobility: New Devices, Applications, Platforms, And Priorities
At this interactive event, experts and solution providers will offer detailed insight into how to bring some order to the mobile industry innovation chaos. When you register, you will gain access to live webcast presentations and virtual booths packed with free resources.
It happens May 17

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