• 04/07/2014
    11:56 AM
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Honda Tests System To Warn Drivers Of Red Lights

Traffic safety system uses GPS and infrared sensors to help drivers save gas, make more green lights.

Honda has announced plans to test in live traffic a driver-assist system designed to warn drivers of upcoming traffic signals and do something about them even if the driver isn't prepared to.

The version of its driver-assist system Honda is testing uses onboard GPS systems and infrared sensors that recognize landmark IR beacons along the road to give the car's navigation system an accurate estimate of where it is and the status of a traffic signal it may be approaching.

When the car is approaching a green light, an indicator on the dash will light up with an indication of the speed the driver should maintain to make it safely through the green, or a safe speed at which to pass other cars in the intersection. When there's no chance to make it, the car will warn the driver to slow down gradually, then provide a countdown that tells the driver when the light will turn green, according to Honda.

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