BlueStacks Brings Android Apps To Windows

, October 13, 2011 Bluestacks is a virtualization layer that runs on Windows PCs and allows users to run Android apps. Rather than run a full Android emulator, including the UI, Bluestacks provides enough of the Android OS to run most apps as if they were native Windows apps.
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There are a few ways to get apps onto Bluestacks. Cloud Connect is the easiest, once it is working. You download the Cloud Connect client from the Android Market and share apps from within it. The app will transfer the packages to your account (you must have a Facebook account to use Cloud Connect, blech), and then the desktop app will download and install them locally. It's just the installer, not the app+data. Remember to grab any key files you need as well.

I had to reboot my computer before the Cloud Connect client would actually download the software. Again, it's alpha software. They are working on it. Alternatively, you can make a shortcut and manually load applications directly into the desktop app. This is what I did (for the most part). It was much faster.

Uninstalling apps depends on how they are installed. If you used Cloud Connect, you can just unsubscribe from the Web UI. If you loaded them manually, you can use this trick of installing ADW launcher and uninstalling like normal.

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