The State of Server Technology: 2010 to 2012

, August 06, 2012 As more companies turn to virtualization and private clouds, they're also taking a look at the server technology in their data centers. This is leading to a boost for the server market. Find out why in this look at the state of server technology, from 2010 to 2012.
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Factors Driving Server Plans

Why are companies buying server hardware? The largest jump in factors cited was in private-cloud implementation; while 8% of respondents to the "2010 State of Server Technology" planned to launch private clouds, 16% intended to do so in 2011.

"Private clouds, with a new breed of optimized applications built to capitalize on machine diversity and parallelism, could become virtualization's second wave," explained author Kurt Marko in the 2011 "State of Server Technology" report.

The other factor to see an increase from 2010 was the need for processing capacity. Virtualization and higher consolidation ratios led the list of applications stressing existing server capacity, at 55%; 47% of respondents cited big data and other business intelligence and analytics needs.

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