10 Mobile Business Apps Target Analytics, Productivity and More

, November 07, 2012 The mobility game isn't just for consumer apps anymore. We share mobile business apps from 10 startups that can help drive sales, leverage analytics and streamline team communication.
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COMPANY: DoubleDutch

MISSION: To link employees in a social network tailored specifically for an enterprise-sized corporation.

PRODUCTS: Hive, Flock and Pride

DoubleDutch takes the essential format of CRM platforms and gives it more of a social media flavor. Sales reps can add photos of worksites or customer locations, and corporate management can send information on the fly. Its sales CRM product, Hive, links directly with Salesforce or stands on its own. The Flock app aims to get the most out of every conference, letting attendees leave comments quickly, without broadcasting every company secret over Facebook. DoubleDutch's broader-based social networking app, Pride, lets employees in the field share information with each other and with the corporate office.

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